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In our last info letter, we presented an example of ventilation in schools, and the retrofittable decentral unit Civic EC DBE2 1000.
Projects often require customised solutions. Even better, when all parts are available from one source. Whether for communities, commerce or industry, office or hall, central or decentral – we advance your project individually and efficiently.
Contact us, we will advise you and find the suitable ventilation unit for you and your customers.
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Retrofittable ventilation solution
Civic EC DBE2 1000 – immediately available
Pre- and reheater without extra charge!
For offices, meeting rooms, schools and public premises
Silent (24 dB at 3 m distance),optimum control, high efficiency
Air flow capacity up to 1000 m3/h
Space-saving and flexible ceiling-mounting
Additional sensor technique available,
CO2 sensor
Summer special
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Good air the easy way
The Civic EC DB 1000 S21 makes it possible
Innovative retrofitting
In a primary school in western Germany, eight ventilation units are supposed to provide controlled air exchange. But how to implement, when the building has windows at the full length?
With an innovative spirit, a solution was found – the air outlets of the decentral ventilation unit were laid through the windows and not through the wall as usual. Now, the pupils can learn in an environment with good air and better focus.
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One-man office, class room or event hall?
We can do it.
Controlled air exchange in small, big, or huge rooms for commercial purposes – our product range covers it all. From the decentral units Freshbox 100 WiFi or CIVIC EC DBE2 1000 to the customisable central BlauAir units. The BlauAir units are available as complete or modular solutions for supply and exhaust ventilation with heat and humidity recovery for commercial, public or industrial premises of diverse sizes and usages.
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