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Industrial fans and their usage
How to ventilate a garage 
As part of our new series “May we present?”, we discuss how an unheated double garage is ventilated properly and what is needed for that. A sufficient air exchange is important to remove excessive carbon dioxide, pollutants and humidity and to supply oxygen. We inform by an example of usage and recommend suitable products. For larger premises, we present the new industrial fan Primo (EC).
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Example of usage: double garage
Ventilation with the inline mixed flow fan TURBO 
What is needed for mounting a Turbo?
Accessories table 
Wall feed-through with a ventilation duct and a connector with plate 
Continuation of the series: May we present?
The inline fan Turbo*
The all-rounder, available in many sizes and with an EC motor
The Turbo benefits due to its many variants and versatile usability.
For mounting in exhaust air systems of rooms with high humidity
Perfect for air ducts in which high pressure, a strong airflow and low noise level is needed.
Air flow rate from 170 to 1970 m3/h
Noise level from 27 to 55 dBA
Diameter from 97 to 308,5 mm
Turbo data sheet
Turbo EC data sheet
*Particular sizes in small quantities on stock. Contact us!
May it be a bit bigger?
Bet on the brandnew Primo*
The inline mixed flow fan can be used for supply and exhaust air systems, which require a strong airflow. Optionally available with an energy-efficient EC motor.
Diameter from 198,5 to 400 mm
Maximum air flow rate up to 5700 m3/h
Optional: three-speed AC motor or energy-efficient continuous EC motor
Primo data sheet
Primo EC data sheet
*Particular sizes in small quantities on stock. Contact us!
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