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Big AHUs – Great service!
You already know our high-quality Blauberg product range of ventilation systems and accessories. But did you know that our BlauAir AHUs perform big?
The standard units achieve up to 9.000 m3/h and the modular units up to 120.000 m3/h. We deliver the suitable AHU, and support you with technical expertise. Using the Blauberg Selector Tool, you can individually configure your modular unit and its different control options.
BlauAir AHUs combine quality, service and a fair price.
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Living, working, enjoying – with BlauAir
A happy place for students, commuters and business people
The Brucklyn Quartier offers many highlights to its residents, in addition to the special suites and microapartments. A rooftop pool, a home cinema, a gym, and a sauna area complete this unique work-life-concept. To even increase the feelgood factor of the sauna, the central ventilation unit BlauAir CFH 800-HE was installed to provide enhanced air quality. What a great project!
BlauAir – versatile in variants and sizes
Standard units up to 9.000 m3/h
Modular units up to 120.000 m3/h
Various controls: S31 (Carel), S21
Highly efficient certified heat exchangers
Selector tool: Configure your BlauAir!
Technical support
Warranty extended by one year
Selector Tool
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